System Four

System 4
Flexiclass board system Four

Production series: System 4

Clip rail and hanging slat system suitable for mounting on a solid surface.

You can mount two board surfaces, a flipchart and even more in two different levels.

This hanging slat system disposes additionally of a paper holding mechanism and a decorative strip suitable for magnetic use.

You can choose among different board surfaces for the front, the rear level and the fixed surface.

This hanging slat system is available in a wide range of versions, so you can choose among different board surfaces and sizes.  The following products illustrate the numerous variants we offer.

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Features / Details / Accessories
Tafelfarbe blauTafelfarbe grünTafelfarbe schwarzTafelfarbe weiß
Kreuzraster 5x5 cm Grün Kreuzraster 10x10 cm GrünLinien 3:4:3:2 cm (2. Schuljahr) Grün  Linien 3:5:8 cm (3. Schuljahr) Grün  Linien 4:5:4:2 cm (1. Schuljahr) GrünLinien 10 cm (4. Schuljahr) GrünNotenlinien Grün Karonetz 5x5 cm GrünKaronetz 10x10 cm GrünKreuzraster 5x5 cm WeißLinien 10 cm (4. Schuljahr) WeißKaronetz 5x5 cm Weiß