Interactive beamer

 Interaktiver Beamer, Einflächentafel
Interactive Beamer, one surface

Interactive Beamer, one surface

The model: Interactive Beamer, one surface

The model “Interactive Beamer” consists of one simple whiteboard which can be used as a projection screen for an interactive beamer.  The whole process is operated by two pylons.

A great number of different producers offer beamer which dispose of interactive functions. You just have to install the adequate software on your beamer, connect the beamer with your  computer and your USB disk, and your working process can start.

Using an interactive pen, or bar you can regulate your presentation, e.g.  to draw, to write and to delineate in the projected picture. The beamer is able to read the information and to pass it to your computer which acts under orders and saves the new information. This is the ideal alternative for those who do not want to buy an interactive board but who want to benefit from the advantages of an interactive presentation. The 3 LCD-technology by Epson leads to an equally high brightness of white and the different colors of our products. Thus, even in daylight, the pictures show natural and vivid colors. On top of that, the colors are three times brighter than the colors of other producers. The WXGA-resolution and the HDMI access lead to a bright and a clear projection.

The two interactive pens produced by Epson dispose of an improved design. They react precisely and are easy to handle. The different pen attributes offer a common utilization and common learning. Due to their positional identification, their movements are even recognized if the pens are not directly in contact with the projection screen.

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