Lecture hall board electronically

Hörsaaltafel Elektischer Antrieb
Hörsaaltafel Elektischer Antrieb

Modellreihe: Hörsaaltafel Elektischer Antrieb

The model: "Lecture hall board electric energy" is a type of blackboard that consists of 4 writing surfaces. This is done by three pylons constructed by us.

As the name already indicates it, lecture hall boards are suitable for lecture halls or other larger rooms. Due to the large writing surfaces of the lecture hall board, there is enough space for writing.

The lecture hall boards can be produced in different ways. We will adapt to your wishes with good grace. Don’t be afraid of telling us about your expectations, wishes and peculiarities so that we can find the ideal blackboard for you.


300 x 100 cm



400 x 100 cm



500 x 100 cm


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